Today’s Wordle hints – answer, clues and tips for game

To provide hints for today’s Wordle, let’s break it down into a few clues that can guide you towards the answer without giving it away directly:

  1. Starting Letter: The first letter of the word is a vowel. Think of common words that begin with vowels.
  2. Word Length: Remember that Wordle answers are always five letters long.
  3. Vowels and Consonants: The word contains more consonants than vowels. Try to distribute vowels and consonants across your guesses.
  4. Commonality: It’s a word that is commonly used in everyday language. It’s not a technical or obscure term.
  5. Usage: The word can be used both as a noun and a verb, which is a hint towards its versatility in sentences.
  6. Ending: The last letter is not a vowel. Focus on common consonant endings.

These hints are designed to guide you towards the answer while still maintaining the challenge and fun of the game. Good luck with your Wordle today!

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