Huge Forerunner 165 leak suggests it’ll be Garmin’s next affordable sports watch

A purported leak of Garmin’s upcoming Forerunner 165 sports watch has surfaced, hinting at what could be an eagerly anticipated addition to the company’s lineup. If the leaked information is accurate, the Forerunner 165 could represent a significant offering in Garmin’s catalog, particularly for fitness enthusiasts looking for a more budget-friendly option.

While details remain speculative until an official announcement from Garmin, the leaked information suggests that the Forerunner 165 will retain many of the features that have made Garmin’s sports watches popular among athletes. These features may include GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and various workout modes tailored to different sports and activities.

One notable aspect of the leak is the indication that the Forerunner 165 will be positioned as an affordable option within Garmin’s range of sports watches. This could make it a compelling choice for users who want the performance and reliability associated with Garmin devices but at a more accessible price point.

As with any leak, it’s essential to approach this information with caution until Garmin officially confirms details about the Forerunner 165. However, if the leaked information holds true, the Forerunner 165 could be an exciting addition to Garmin’s lineup, offering users an affordable yet feature-rich option for tracking their fitness activities.

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